Profi-Line Wheels

Profi-Line wheels are designed specifically for agricultural trailed and other load bearing vehicles, the wheels having been developed to minimise stress on the critical radii by around 40% compared with the traditional rim shape. As a result, fatigue life is more than five times longer. The wheel’s rolled-over flange and double well radius enable it to cope with the increased pressures of heavier loads and longer periods of use.

Profi-Line Wheels - Unique Rim Profile

Implement or trailed agricultural equipment with wide tyres are continually exposed to high stresses, with one of the most stressed areas of the rim generally being the well radius. Trailed wheels must perform in arduous conditions whilst avoiding unnecessary weight and the associated impact on soil compaction. With the aim of continuous improvement, GKN Wheels has developed a new rim profile concept able to minimise stress in that radius

To develop the more structurally efficient rim profile, detailed research using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and acquisition of stress data by use of strained gauge wheels was carried out. This performance enhancement is based on two key changes to the rim design - a rolled over flange and a double well radius.

Specifically for Load-Bearing Vehicles

The new profile gives a stress reduction in the critical area around 40% compared with the traditional rim shape and as a result fatigue life is more than five times longer. These benefits are achieved whilst reducing rim gauge and weight without any loss of performance. The rim was developed to cope with the increased pressures of heavier loads and longer periods of use. This means more working hours for the wheel, particularly for heavy machines with intensive usage. The Profi -Line rim design is offered across the GKN range of flotation wheels and is available in sizes from 16.00 x 22.5” to 28.00 x 30.5”.

Profi-Line: Product Features and Benefits

Profi-Line Wheels - Unique Rim Profile

GKN Wheels exclusive Profi -Line rim for flotation tyres incorporates two key changes:

  • Bent over double flange radius
  • Double well radius

As a result, and proven by extensive testing, fatigue life is over five times longer.

Quality is fundamental to GKN’s product range across all sectors and product designs. All performance criteria comply with at least one of the following regional and international rim and tyre standards - TRA, ETRTO, JATMA and ISO.

For the customer, this translates into extended service life, reliable performance, safer operations and lower maintenance cost.

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