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autostructures UK is a specialist in the design, development and manufacture of components and structural assemblies for the on and off highway industries.  Products cover a comprehensive range from full chassis frames to sub-frames, aluminium pressed panels and rear non-driven axles.


A dedicated press shop allows for pressed parts ranging from 600T to 2,250T, capable of working with coil and sheet metal, steel and aluminium with varying material thicknesses.


Producing high-integrity, defect-free castings, the process has been used to cast components such as piston heads, cylinder liners, brake callipers, missile cones and automotive suspension components.

Chassis and Structures

autostructures UK manufacture structural assemblies for a number of industries from high volume automotive to lower volume agricultural vehicles whilst offering the same outstanding level of quality and customer service.


We are at the forefront of exploring new technologies, leading a cross-industry group that is investigating the cost-effective manufacture of composite materials, particularly for automotive structures.


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