We have been producing direct squeeze cast (liquid metal forgings) products for the over 30 years, the process having initially been developed to produce military wheels for the Warrior AFV.


The drive towards weight reduction and increasingly stringent emissions creates a wide range of engineering opportunities for Aluminium technologies.  Employing a unique process known as Squeezeforming, autostructures UK can offer a process that enables us to use a wide range of heat treatable alloys to give forged material properties through closely controlling the cooling and solidification of the molten aluminium under pressure, which gives excellent mechanical properties.

Producing high-integrity, defect-free castings, the process has also been used to cast components such as piston heads, cylinder liners, brake callipers, missile cones and automotive suspension components.

This technology has been used for over 30 years for the road wheels on the Warrior armoured personnel carrier, offering a 50% weight saving over the equivalent steel wheel.

Where conventional processes are prone to gas and shrinkage porosity, the direct squeeze cast process is proven to offer a technically superior product. Squeeze castings have a fine uniform cell structure where porosity is completely filled producing high integrity defect free near net shape castings.


  • Aluminium processing
  • Direct casting process
  • High stren​gth, low weight products
  • Low porosity, fine microstructure
  • Heat-treatable, weldable alloys

Key Benefits

  • High integrity / near zero porosity casting
  • Improved mechanical properties - near forged
  • Improved fatigue life
  • Lightweight, stiff components through use of ribs
  • Minimal scrap
  • Reduced machining

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